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Laser engraved spice jar set

Laser engraved spice jar set

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These spice jars set will look great in your pantry, and they will give it a unique look! They are laser engraved what make them washable.

1) Square glass jar with metal lid and shaker lid,
-Jars are washable, dimensions:
1 3/4” x 3 3/4”
4oz (80 ml)

At the personalization box you need to include your list of spices per label, examples: salt, paprika, garlic powder, etc.

1) Choose quantity variations menu.
2) At personalization box copy or note to seller write the spices for each jar.

If you are looking for a specific quantity, please send me a message. If you have any doubt, please let me know, I am always happy to help and to work on custom orders.
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